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Ethos Space

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Welcome from the Ethos lead

Hello, I'm Mrs Chappell, Ethos Lead here at Stantonbury School, and what a delight it is to be introducing myself to you. 

I am thrilled to be leading a team that is part of the wider pastoral offer here at Stantonbury School, providing a robust platform of support for the social and emotional needs of students, through the delivery of 1:1 mentoring programme, group coaching sessions, intervention courses, year-group drop-down days, engaging workshops and student check-ins, field trips, social time enrichment clubs and much more. All  delivered as part of an annual Ethos program, created in conjunction with school leaders. 

My dedicated Ethos team consists of a Youth Worker and two Family Support Workers, who each bring not only experience and competency to their roles but also passion and compassion to the work they do, to support students and their families. We offer a plethora of support ranging from ways to navigate self-regulation to, support through chapters of loss bereavement, and grief, to confidence and self-esteem boosting, exam stress, and building healthy relationships and friendships. Exploring big questions in life and understanding Christian perspectives. All bespokely endorsing and promoting the qualities and application of the school's values for everyday life. 

Our calm and welcoming Ethos Space can be found on the bottom floor of the Fielding building, where students will always be greeted with the warmth of a smile and pastoral support. 

 Whats new?

Our Ethos team are committed to being there for their students and their students’ families. Young people are facing lots of new challenges every day, we want to offer
support to help parents navigate these issues with their teenagers.

 That’s why we’ve created our new Ethos Parents Podcast. We’ll be discussing a range of topics relevant to parenting teenagers and young adults.
We know that talking to about these issues can be hard, that’s why in our first episode we discuss ‘How to talk to your teen about mental health and well-being’.
Hear really practical tips and ideas from two of our Ethos Youth Workers who are talking about mental health and well-being everyday.

 You can listen on:

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