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Chinese/Lunar New Year

Recently, Stantonbury students enrolled in the Mandarin Excellence Programme have been thinking about ideas for a video project to celebrate Chinese New Year. The project was entirely student-led and they recorded the short films either at home or at lunch time using the school's video cameras. The students were highly motivated and thoroughly enjoyed this video project as it allowed them to develop a meaningful connection with Chinese culture and history. 

Year 7 have been learning about animals and wanted to perform a rendition of 我是一只小小小小鸟 (I am a little, small bird).

Year 8 layed out the Mandarin classroom like a restaurant to perform a scene which also included a band performing the song "Super Idol" by A-Si. They did the camera work themselves and even edited in English subtitles.

Year 9 got into smaller groups and had full creative control, creating 2 standout projects, "Chinese Food at Home" and "The Story of Nian".

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