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New Parental Engagement Platform

Now we have joined the Tove Learning Trust, we have changed our parental engagement platform.  The new “Go 4 Schools” site is now live and we invite all parents to follow the attached instructions to set up their parental account.  Once set up, you will be able to view information about all of your children who attend Stantonbury School. In order to use the new platform, parents will need visit the website www.go4schools.com  and use the email address that they have logged with us.  If you are unsure, or need to update your details, please send these directly to: stantonbury-tove.org.uk.

We have planned a phased roll out of the new platform, and will provide update and guidance each time we activate wider content.  Currently parents are able to view timetable information, including teachers and rooms and attendance statistics.  Please read the guidance notes for further information.

Go 4 Schools launch Instructions for parents Page 1

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